Westwood Park Homes Association

Update on Requirements for New Construction in Older Neighborhoods

At the March 19 meeting of neighbors to discuss options for controlling construction in Westwood Park, it was decided to work with the city in their effort to amend lot and building standards in the zoning ordinance to address construction in established neighborhoods. Lot and building standards regulate the placement and height of residential buildings on lots. Current lot and building standards were developed after many of the older neighborhoods were developed and are not appropriate for new construction in established neighborhoods. The proposed amendment establishes a new set of lot and building standards to be used for “infill development” in older neighborhoods. Lot and building standards for infill development are contextually appropriate because they are based on existing conditions in the neighborhood. During the spring and summer, a representative of Westwood Park participated in working sessions with the Planning and Development Department to refine the proposed lot and building standards for infill development.

The proposed amendment was approved with a condition by the City Plan Commission at their October 4 meeting. The condition states that the City Planning and Development Director shall review the projects built under the proposed infill residential development standards within the next seven months and present findings to Council in June of 2023 to assess whether changes are needed. The commission also encouraged Planning and Development to refine language in areas where requirements are unclear. The amendment will go before the City Council for action by the end of the year. A copy of the lot and building standards presented at the October 4 meeting can be found here. The complete staff report for the October 4 meeting, which includes revisions to minor subdivision requirements, can be found here.  It provides background information on both revisions.


Westwood Park Homes Association's Centennial Celebration!

On April 24, 2022, about 50 Westwood Park residents attended the Annual Meeting 100 years to the day after the first home owners' meeting.  Festivities were hosted by Pembroke Hill School.  Neighbors enjoyed catching up with each other before the business meeting.


2022 Annual Picnic

Close to 90 neighbors enjoyed getting together in Westwood Park at our annual picnic on September 18.  For the second year in a row, neighbors feasted on Bay Boy sandwiches and Andy's custard while basking in the late summer weather.